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Gas Chromatograph Controls

The Vivicom Chromatography Controller (GCC) is the perfect tool to update older no longer supported gas chromatographs. The GCC replaces all of the electronics in the control box to give you a more powerful system without the high cost of a total system replacement. Visit VIVICOMSYS.COM

Benefits of the Gas Chromatography Controller (GCC)

  • Touch Screen Interface
  • Built in Computer for Processing, Data Storage, and Control
  • On Screen Chromatograms with Historical Overlays
  • Reporting Capabilities
  • Integrated Oven Control
  • Data Acquisition for Auxiliary Inputs (Fuel Flow, Flame Out, Purge Loss, etc.)
  • Trending capability of Analysis Data

Gas Chromatograph Maintenance and Reporting Software for the GCC (VIDAS)

  • Real Time Chromatograph's (Stored to Hard Disc)
  • Overlay Past Collected Chromatograms
  • Data Archiving
  • Upload and Download GCC Configurations
  • Network linking capability for remote control and viewing
  • Optional Ambient Reporting
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