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Data Acquisition and Reporting Systems

Vivicom offers a complete turn-key Data Acquisition and Reporting System through our ADM controller, Operations and Reporting Software. Visit VIVICOMSYS.COM

Vivicom CEMS Controller (ADM)

  • Touch Screen Interface
  • Analyzer and Sample System Control
  • Data Storage for up to 1 year
  • System Faults and Alarms
  • Gas Component Calculations Available (O2 Correction, Mass Emissions, etc.)
  • Communications to DCS or Reporting PC (4-20mA, Ethernet, Modbus, etc.)

Vivicom System Software
(VCEMS - Operations)

  • Maintenance Software
  • Data Trending
  • Validation Reports
  • Alarm Logs and Reports
  • Daily Calibration and Validation
  • CGA and RATA Data Collection
  • Extended Gas Component Calculations

Vivicom Reporting Software
(VCEMS - Reports)

  • Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual Reporting Capabilities
  • Performance Reports
  • Excess Emissions Reports
  • Downtime Reports
  • Regulation Compliant for 40 CFR 60, Part 75, Part 266, as well as any other requirements
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